Inmate Personal Property Storage

The Guardian 1416J  Inmate Personal Property System eliminates lost property claims before they begin, and speeds up your release process all with one system.

What does it take to haggle over a “lost earring”? It costs time, money and effort, three things that are in short supply in most jails.  We can help you eliminate the need for lost property claim investigations with our system that is currently in use in over 400 jails.

A 100% tamper evident package is produced that not only secures the inmate property, but it also speeds up the release because all property is visible and laid out.  The inmate can inventory his property without ever touching it.

A Compact Machine for Your Booking Area

One of the most asked questions that we get is “how much room do I need?”  Space is at a premium in booking areas, we understand.  However, the Guardian 1416J sits on a tabletop in your booking area, within eyesight of the inmate.  When the machine is run, the arrestee sees the inmate personal property being secured in a tamper evident package.  They are then instructed to sign the package with a permanent marker.  

When the inmate is released, their property (and signature) are both evident on the package, and it is equally eveident that the package has not been opened.

Personal Property Sealer

Make Your Current System more Efficient

We don’t want you to scrap the system that you spent all that money on, we want to make it operate more efficiently.

Our system is designed to be slipped inside a hanging mesh bag, a plastic bin or even rolled up inside a cubbyhole.  The Guardian 1416J adapts to your needs.

You don’t need to change your numbering system or your protocols, you just make it work better, cleaner and faster.

Inmate Property Bins
Keep your current method of storage