Odor Free Inmate Clothing Storage

Overcrowding, odor, hygiene and vermin are common problems facing jail property rooms. The Property Room Expander (PRE5) solves all of these problems with one hands-free system.

Property Room Expander
Inmate Clothing Storage

If only the rest of the jail ran so easily!

The operation of the Property Room Expander 5 (PRE5) is easy, fast and requires little follow up training.

Simply load the inmate clothing into a Guardian bag, place in the machine and close the lid, that’s it!   The machine turns itself on, vacuums all the air from the chamber (flattening the clothing) seals the bag, then opens the lid.  The operator simply starts the machine and walks away.

Clothing will now store in half the space, odor-free!
Our system also prolongs the life of your hanging bags, bins and conveyors.

Easy to Use, Hard to Break

The PRE5 is built to last, and operate with minimal interruption due to mechanical issues.  The stainless steel body combines with the highest quality components, and a password protected control panel to ensure that your machine remains operational all the time.

The PRE5 requires almost no training.  Put the inmate clothes in the bag, bag in machine and close lid.  The machine does everything else automatically including opening the lid when the cycle is completed.

However, it’s a machine, with human operators, there will be problems sooner or later.  When those issues come up, your staff has a 24/7/365 way to get in touch with our technical staff.  Most problems can be fixed with a short phone call.  Our warranty covers everything for 3 years, including freight.

Property Room Expander